Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bracketology: The Bracket

Well, here it is.  The bracket of contenders for The Joffrey, aka title of Worst Street in Shreveport.  It's also been brought to my attention that I should clarify something.  This is not a battle for worst street to live on, street with worst crime, worst neighborhood, or anything like that.  It's a battle for which road is the worst in terms of the road's quality, it's purpose, use, and friendliness towards bikes and pedestrians.  So if you're surprised Sprague street isn't on the bracket, that's why.

Some of the seedings and selections may seem a little strange.  For instance, you may be wondering why Youree Drive, Bert Kouns, or others didn't make the list.  Well, this is based on the unique perspective of a cyclist for one, and for another, living in Chicago and Austin has given me a different perspective of traffic in general.  For instance, you may think that Youree Drive traffic is bad, but it's not.  Trust me on that one.

Hopefully the selections will become more clear as the matchups play out and my summary of the match explains how each winner (or is it loser?) gets the nod to move on.

Everywhere my phone (read: me) has been over the past two weeks.

Also, I'm open to some input on the North and West Shreveport sections.  As you can see from my Google Latitude map, I don't make it to those areas of town as often as others.

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