Monday, February 25, 2013

Veneration: Bodum French Press

Coffee.  For 58% of Americans, at least one cup of the stuff is a part of daily life (for me, it's 3 or 4 cups).  Some crave the caffeine, others need to hold the hot cup to warm up during cold mornings, and others just enjoy the taste.  But we can have it so easily, so quickly, that very little thought goes into it. We know we like whatever amount of cream, whatever amount of sugar, and that's all the thought we put into it.

The French Press turns that on its head.  It might not be for everyday  Maybe you have one of those single-serve-pod-type machines for your pre-work cup.  But on Saturday morning, you pull out the french press, and you're sending a message--that whatever else you have to do today, the coffee comes first, and dammit, we're going to slow down and enjoy it.

(It will also really impress any opposite-gendered overnight guest you may be making coffee for).

And as far as french press brewers go, the Bodum French Press sets the standard.  I can't endorse this any more strongly.