Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Sportran Route 15, North Bossier

Sportran’s Route 15, North Bossier, runs from downtown Shreveport to Willis-Knighton Bossier and back, via Texas Street, Benton Road, and Airline Drive:

SCHEDULE ACCURACY:  The bus got to my stop at 5:51, just two minutes after the scheduled stop time.  Considering the traffic on Airline Drive, I’m impressed with that level of accuracy.

SPACING OF STOPS:  When riding a bus, one of the more aggravating things is poorly spaced stops—they seem to be every 100 feet when you don’t need them, slowing down the ride, then the only stop close to your destination is a mile away.  This wasn’t the case.  It seemed that there wasn’t an inordinate number of stops and the location of stops made sense.

TRANSFER OPTIONS:  There are multiple options to transfer to the other Bossier routes, #14 Barksdale and #16 East Bossier.

POINTS OF INTEREST:  From north to south, along the route are: Willis-Knighton Bossier Hospital, Target/Best Buy/North Bossier Shopping Centers, Airline High School, Wal-Mart, Pierre-Bossier Mall, First Baptist Bossier, City Court, Bossier Police Station, the Louisiana Boardwalk, and of course downtown Shreveport.

TRIP TIME:  15 minutes from Airline/Melrose to the downtown terminal.  Faster than expected.  Only marginally slower than a personal vehicle.

RECOMMENDED USAGE:  This route covers a lot of ground and a lot of important places.  However, the schedule starts late and ends early, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays, so that does affect the usage somewhat.  In my mind, this route is great for residents of north Bossier that are headed downtown for a night out.  Rather than drive downtown, park your car, take a cab home, then hitch a ride back downtown to pick up your car the next day, why not take the bus downtown?  The last trip to downtown is a little early in the evening, though, so plan to do more downtown than just go to the club.  Maybe see a movie at The Robinson?  Or get a great dinner at  Monsour’s?  Whatever you decide to do, you can do it without worrying about how to get home or how to pick up your car in the morning (yes, I’m assuming that we’ve all realized that drinking and driving is officially passĂ©).

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